Maps of Phases for Deerfield Subdivision (Garysburg, North Carolina)

The following are maps of the Deerfield Subdivision for Phases 1 and 2 (as of June 28, 2023).  To view a larger version of the map, you may click on the desired map or download the associated PDF.

Phase 1 Map

Phase 2 Map (page 1)

Phase 2 Map (page 2)

Northampton GIS Map Site

  • Access the Northampton GIS Map site.
  • Move cursor to the southwest of Garysburg, NC.
  • Double-click or use scroll to zoom in on the Deerfield Subdivision.
  • You can also search using:
    • Address:  Deerfield Rd or Doe Lane.
    • Tax Parcel ID (found on the price list page – remove dash when searching)
Garysburg, NC - GIS Maps

Downloadable PDFs

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